The WonderTeam

We're a small team with big dreams. We are passionately creating wearable and connected devices to help pets lead happier and healthier lives. We seek to create beautifully designed accessories that empower the individual and use technology to bring us all closer together.
The WonderWoof BowTie for dogs tracks the daily activity of your four-legged friends and encourages a community of pet lovers to connect.
Email us at or see our open positions on Angel List.
wonderwoof_betsy_fore wonderwoof_lindsay_freeman wonderwoof_joe_morsman
 Betsy Fore Lindsay Freeman Joe Morsman

wonderwoof_milan_balogh wonderwoof_phil_menni wonderwoof_patrick_podejko
Milan Balogh Phil Menni Patrick Podejko
CPO Director of Hardware Data Scientist

 wonderwoof_billy_fore   wonderwoof_annem_hobson
Billy Fore Nicola Duarte Annem Hobson
Art & Design PR Director Marketing Manager
Barry Avraam Tara Ulrich Deniss Pocebits
Financial Officer Community Manager Senior Developer
wonderwoof_james_shaw  wonderwoof_marisa_lee wonderwoof_kate_mcgarry
James Shaw Marisa Lee Kate McGarry
Hardware Engineer
Customer Experience
Designer / Photographer Intern
Director of Cuddles


Lady Cristiana Falcone-Sorrell Marc Goldberg Desiree Gruber