Young Living Essential Oils and Your Dog!

Have you heard of oils, oily people, and oily animals? If not, you're in luck! We are going to chat abut it today. Essential oils have become quite common in the American household. For a lot of people oils are replacing toxic chemical products. Oils can be used for cleaning your home or added to your food or drink and can be defused in your home for overall wellness. Essential oils are derived from nature. Why not use them on our furry friends too?


Have you ever thought about what products you are using to wash your dog? There are chemicals and toxins in a lot of on the shelf animal products. We often spend the most time thinking about what food we are feeding our pups, making sure they are getting proper nutrition and exercise. We should pay attention to what we are putting on their bodies as well.

Young Living Essential Oils has introduced an “Animal Scents” line of different products for our four legged family members. This line includes items like shampoo, ointment, dental chews, and oils combined for specific uses that are safe for animals. Plus a portion of all proceeds from Animal Scents products supports Vital Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlife.



The Young Living Animal Scents shampoo is amazing! It contains 5 essential oils and other natural ingredients. You apply it like you would regular shampoo, but you can use less to gain the same lather! Your pup is left smelling brilliantly and looking paw-fect!



Do you have a dog that obsessively licks their paws? Is your pup’s paws raw from different elements? Even just a little rough and cracked? This ointment is fantastic. My pup just experienced her first winter. She hates anything on her paws so snow shoes or little booties were not an option for her. We did our best to rinse the salt from the streets off her paws after any walks outside, but her paws were still feeling rougher than normal. I took this ointment and rubbed some between my fingers and the rubbed it on her paws, like a lotion. The next morning her paws were already feeling softer!


Dental Chews

I haven’t used these for my pup yet, but they look great! These dental chews have no artificial colors or flavors added and contains ingredients such as potato starch and pork gelatin. Dog’s love that stuff!



If you are new to using essential oils than you should definitely read more on the young living website for application techniques and uses. They have created blends of oils that can help calm your pets, keep bugs off your pup or keep your pup away from different things, and oils to help with other wellness. 

Check out their website here