We were delighted to unveil WonderWoof in Harrods, London last week. The prestigious UK store will be exclusively stocking our Dogquamarine Blue, Candy Canine Pink, Hounds Grey and BoneTie Black BowTies.

We celebrated the launch with a special photoshoot with Audrey, a gorgeous British pug who did a fine job of modeling her BowTie outside the store…


The BowTie is designed to be as stylish as it is functional, monitoring your dog’s daily activity based on their size, breed, and age to ensure they stay fit, healthy and happy.  It attaches to any dog collar and then wirelessly pairs with the WonderWoof iPhone app, calculating the amount of exercise your pup needs while giving you incentives to help them meet their goals!

Whilst it’s super important to keep your dogs physical health in check, our most popular feature is our social network for dogs – connecting and socializing dogs to keep them not only healthier, but happier too!  Each time you go out on a walk you can choose to walk privately, share with your friends or share with everyone. The latter allows owners to see a map of all WonderWoof dogs within the local area, allowing them to avoid busy dog walking routes, or ‘friend’ them within the app, broadening out their doggy networks. WonderWoof also offers shareable dog walking routes, so people can discover & share new routes, which for all doggy parents out there is super helpful!

Harrods is the perfect place to get into the Christmas spirit this year and do a spot of shopping.

Can’t make it to the store? Don’t worry – you can also buy the full range online https://www.wonderwoof.com as we now ship to the UK too. Pawsome!

Pssst….there’s also an exciting limited edition BowTie making its way to Harrods very soon… Watch this space.