Whisky's Top 5 Places for Dog Treats in NYC

Hi folks! This is Whisky, the Director of Cuddles here at WonderWoof. If you know me, you know I am a total foodie — and what better city to live in than New York to explore new dog treats (my humans say I go a little overboard sometimes!) It is important to maintain a healthy diet, but every dog needs a treat every so often. I am excited to share with you all my top 5 doggy treat destinations in the city. It’s been a paws-itively scrumptious journey to discover these, and I want all you other furry friends out there to try them too!

  1. Croque ‘Maman’ treats from Maman NYC (80 Kent Street, Brooklyn)

Baked by Maison de Pawz

My newest treat obsession is (conveniently) located right by the WonderWoof office! They’re so so delicious that even my humans get jealous sometimes… Maman NYC has recently launched a new line of dog treats that come in the coolest flavors. I highly recommend the ‘Croque Maman’ biscuits that are made with black forest ham and swiss cheese, gruyere cheese & dried french thyme. YUM! They are gluten free and grain free too, in case you other furry friends have any dietary restrictions. The ultimate treat fix. #TreatYoSelf


2. Pupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes (780 Lexington Ave, Manhattan)

Now this one is perfect for special occasions… if you’ve got any pup parties coming up, try the Pupcakes from Sprinkles Cupcakes. They’re scrumptious little sugar-free treats that have the most delicious yogurt frosting, and are 100% dog friendly. My humans always grab a cupcake or two for themselves during our stop here too! Keep this one in mind for your next birthday or celebration with your pup squad.


3. Bag o’ Bones from Shake Shack (Madison Square Park, Manhattan)

Baked by Bocce’s Bakery

My humans are huge fans of Shake Shack, and on our last visit to their shop in Madison Square Park I was thrilled to find out they had treats for dogs on their menu, too! I ordered the Bag O’ Bones and nearly finished the whole bag in one sitting. They’re baked with all natural ingredients by Bocce’s Bakery, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even try ordering the ‘Poochini’ frozen custard dish. They give you a big biscuit with it too — the perfect pairing for a summer afternoon!


4. Frozen Yogurt Dog Treat by Rocco and Jezebel for Pets (89 Pineapple Walk, Brooklyn) 

Made by The Bear and the Rat

If you’re in NYC this summer, I’m sure you’ve been feeling the summer heat. It’s not fun to walk around in with all this fur! My favorite way to beat the heat is for a cup of doggy frozen yogurt from the cutest little pet shop called Rocco and Jezebel for Pets, located close to the WonderWoof office in Brooklyn. I’ve tried many flavors, but my absolutely favorite is Bacon and Peanut Butter. My humans say it’s full of probiotics too, which help keep my tummy healthy. Pick up a cup (or two) before summer comes to an end!


5. Dog Bones from Milk & Cookies (19 Commerce St, Manhattan)

My humans love taking me to this one… treats for both dogs and humans here! If you’re a fan of peanut butter (who isn’t?) then definitely give the dog bones at Milk and Cookies a try. They’re pawsitively delicious! They are baked in-house and are all natural — they even add in a little bit of pumpkin which complements the peanut butter base well. They’ve got the greatest crunch too!

I hope you enjoyed this list of treats, fellow WonderPups! Stay tuned for more food reviews coming your way soon!