Why Is My Dog Barking?



Does your dog bark at you? Mine does! Our dogs can’t tell us exactly what they need or want, but they try to let you know when something is up. Below we discuss some of the main reasons your dog is barking at you.

Your dog is bored and wants some attention!

Did you just get home from a long day at work? Your train was delayed and all you want is to relax? Well think again before you pour that glass of wine. Your dog has been alone all day and wants to spend time with you. Whether that is playing, being groomed, or cuddling they need your attention. Your dog might not be your whole life, but to them we are their whole life!

Your dog wants to play!

Did your dog bring you a toy, but you didn’t play with them? Sometimes they just want you to put your phone down and throw the ball!

Your dog needs exercise!

If your dog isn't getting enough exercise they can be barking to release energy they need to burn off! Use the WonderWoof BowTie and app to track your dog’s daily activity and help them reach their goal! You should also talk to your vet about recommended exercise for your dog!

 Your dog is frustrated and needs your help!

I don’t know about your dog, but if my dog can’t reach her favorite tennis ball that has rolled under the couch or dresser for the millionth time, it is bark central. My dog will bark at me constantly until I retrieve her toy for her. Even when she has plenty of other toys out in the open. They don’t have opposable thumbs so sometimes they need a little help. 


Does your dog bark when you leave the house? They might have separation anxiety. Some dogs are nervous when they are left alone. A good way to help this is to tire them out! Make sure they are getting enough exercise and they will be too sleepy to bark when you leave! The method I have always used is treats! I have often filled my dog’s Kong with peanut butter or left some treats out for her to find!