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5 Surprising Dog Breed Name Origins

Do you ever think about the odd names of dog breeds and how they came to be? The stories behind these names can be as colorful and playful as the dogs themselves! Here's a list of five breed names and their respective origins. 1. Poodle vs. Puddle  Yes, that's right! The german word Pudel from which we get the word "puddle" is the same word origin as "poodle!" The German infinitive means "to splash" which certainly lends itself to the word "puddle," but "poodle" is from the shortened form of Pudelhund which literally translates to "Splash hound." The more accurate translation would be "Water dog" which is indeed a class of hunting/gun dog (e.g. Portuguese Water Hound, American Water Spaniel.) Poodles were bred for duck...

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