1. The Popular Design

It is fairly easy to find some incarnation of this bone-shaped dispenser design. They’re available at most big-box stores as well as many convenient stores. You may even have gotten one free at your vet or at a dog-related convention or show. By and large, this is the popular model for dog-owners

2. Loop Dispenser  

Loop Dog Waste Bags

This attractive dispenser is designed to loop onto a non-retractable cloth leash. Unlike most dog bag dispensers, the Loop design  situates the dispenser in the middle of the lead as opposed to clipping it onto the handle making it a bit less awkward carry with you. It comes in six designer colors!

3. If your Pekinese is a Geekinese


For the space explorer who’s conscientious about cleaning up after their cosmic canine whenever they visit another star system.

4. Kōsuko Dispenser Design (a work in progress) 

Kosuko Dispenser  

An ingenious two-in-one design, the Kōsuko is all at once a comfortable retractable leash and dog waste bag dispenser. It fits around the wrist to ensure you don’t accidentally relent your grip, and it encourages an ergonomic gesture whilst holding it for extended periods that won’t cause your hand to ache. Unfortunately unavailable at this moment, but it’s a design to be on the look out for in the future.

5. PicoBello Dog Poop Bag Holder and Torch 

PicoBello Dog Waste Bags

 These cute dog-shaped dispensers double as led flashlights and link onto anything with a keyring. They come in six cute colors and are available in the UK.

6. Earth Rated PoopBags

earth rated poop bags

Earthrated brand bags have the advantage of being eco-friendly and responsibly-produced! On top of that, they are very affordable which makes being green easy even if you aren’t in the green. Every bag is biodegradable, and the dispenser is small enough to fit in your pocket or onto your leash handle.

7. The PoopPac

PoopPac dog waste carrier  

This, frankly, oddly-named canine carry-on is a bigger dispenser with a bigger purpose. The carrier dispenses dog waste bags from the bottom and has a storage compartment for used bags — extremely convenient if you are walking somewhere with very few garbage cans readily available. The bag comes with charcoal inserts that keep the whole package smelling neutral. There is also a place to keep hand-sanitizer, dog wipes, and anything else you might need to carry when you are walking your dog in the park. Ultimately not the most attractive-looking bag, but it certainly makes up for what it lacks in style with sheer utility.