On Friday night, the WonderWoof team attended the “ Rescue Me ” book release and launch party with guest of honor Sara Haines and her adopted chihuahua, Trixie, at the Aperture Gallery in Chelsea. Author royalties go to benefit the Humane Society of NY and Adoption Center.



Aperture describes the book best:

“Art and fashion photographer Phibbs volunteered his services to the Humane Society of New York, making portraits of their rescue dogs to help find them forever homes. Rescue Me features sixty-four of these portraits alongside each dog’s journey, from often-shocking circumstances of abandonment and rejection, through rescue and the joy experienced in the new homes these photographs helped them find. This heartwarming New York story will appeal to dog and animal lovers all over the world.”

The #AdoptDontShop movement is near and dear to the WonderWoof’s team heart, and we were thrilled to provide some goodies to those involved. Though, the best part was being able to walk around and play with all of the adorably fluffy stars of the book! They were all sweet-tempered, playful, and ready for love!


We were also thrilled to hear host of The View, Sara Haines, speak about her love for animals and especially her own rescue, Trixie. She reminded us all that a loving home is all these pets want and need. A place at your side makes all the difference in the world to them and to you. She spoke about how pets grow you emotionally and extend your capacity for love. Her dedication as a pet parent is inspiring.


If you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family this holiday season, head over to the Humane Society of NY. If you are not ready yet for a furry friend, then pick up a copy of “Rescue Me” for yourself, family, and friends. All purchases of the book help the Humane Society of NY to continue their admirable and necessary work to keep these dogs happy, healthy, and safe.

The power of this book has been chronicled everywhere from the Huffington Post to Paper Mag to Ralph Lauren’s blog.

The book is available for purchase at the Aperture Gallery and on Amazon.