Real Food For Your Pet

How much do you pay attention to what you are feeding your dog? Are you reading every ingredient on that bag of dog food? Dog food can appear like it is great for your dog, but it might just be good marketing. Buzzwords like “Natural”, “Complete” and “Balanced” give us the sense that we are giving our pup something good to eat and something that will make them happy, but that is not always the case. Good dog food is not cheap and dry dog food is the cheapest option, but is it the healthiest for your best fur friend?


Our CEO recently watched the documentary “Pet Fooled”, which is currently available on Netflix. It exposes the inner workings of the pet food industry. I decided to watch the documentary and I was shocked. The lack of regulation around pet food is astounding. I feed my pet what I consider to be the best of the dry food options, but this film got me thinking. Even if I am feeding my pup the best dry food, it isn’t what she would eat if she was wild. I decided to give real food a try for her. The WonderWoof dog house is based in Brooklyn and another dog loving company - Ollie - happens to be here too. Ollie is fresh meals made for your dog with real ingredients delivered to your door step!


Ollie allows you to design your dogs meal plan. They have two different recipes; beef or chicken. You can choose all chicken, all beef, or a mix of both! You can choose All Ollie- 14 meals delivered to you every week, Mostly Ollie - 21 meals delivered every 2 weeks, or Some Ollie - 14 meals delivered every two weeks. I have a 66lbs 3yr old labrador mix named Reagan and for her to have Beef Ollie for every meal for a week it costs $71.74. This is more than I spent on a big bag of dry food that lasts us a month and a half. Ollie does offer 50% off your first week when you sign up which is nice. Let me say this when it comes to feeding your dog; feed them the best food you can for your budget. If you can’t afford all real or raw try feeding some meals that way, but mostly just be very conscious and aware of what you are feeding your pet.


Ollie arrives two days after you subscribe and is able to stay in its delivery box until midnight on the say of delivery without it going bad! I ordered 14 Beef meals of my girl! As soon as I brought the Ollie box into our house my pup was wagging her tail and sniffing away! She knew what was in the box was for her. We opened her Ollie box- tails wagging. The packaging is fun, “punny”, and easy to understand. You receive a welcome kit along with your pup’s food. The welcome kit includes suggested transition instructions, probiotics, and the food scoop! You definitely want to read through your kit and instructions as each meal plan is customized for your pup! The probiotics are a great feature of the Ollie product because your pup’s tummy is going to be going through a lot of changes! With that being said the most important part about switching from dry food to real food is doing it slowly. When I ordered my pup’s Ollie, we were running low on her normal dry food and we transitioned to full Ollie faster than we should have. Some dogs will be fine, but others will have upset stomachs, vomiting, and/or diarrhea if you transition too fast. Ollie’s FAQ sheet says this about the transition:

“Not transitioning can lead to some upset bellies. We highly recommend following our transition guidelines so you give your dog’s stomach flora time to adjust to the new type of diet (imagine how your stomach would react if you ate the equivalent of cereal puffs every day and then had a steak!) It may take your dog’s digestive tract up to two weeks to adjust, especially if they have eaten kibble their entire life. Switching to real, fresh ingredients is a big shift, but it’s 100% better for their health in the long run.”

Which is accurate! After each feeding you need to ensure to clean your pup's bowl so icky bacteria doesn’t grow!


What goes in must come out! Let’s talk about your dog's poop! We all have to look at our dog's poop when you pick it up and throw it away, but when you are transitioning food you should be keeping a closer eye on your dogs #2. Your pup’s poop is going to change while you are transitioning food. Reagan’s changed color and had a mucus like substance. Ollie wants to talk about your dogs poop, too. While transitioning “If your dog has unusually soft or runny #2 for more than a few days, contact your vet as you would normally.” So don’t be afraid to take a closer look!

Ollie’s food was LOVED by my pup. She ate her entire serving, licked her bowl clean, and looked at me like “There is more, right?” She just couldn’t get enough!


Taking what I learned from “Pet Fooled” and our experience with Ollie I have definitely been doing more research on my dog's diet. I know I want to feed her what she wants (real food) and what is best for her, but I also have to consider my family’s budget. If you are looking to feed your dog some Ollie, but need a more budget sensitive option, there is good news! You can freeze their food to make it last longer!