My Dog Won't Eat!

There are a number of reasons your dog might not be touching their food. Most dogs will eat whatever is placed in front of them, but there are some picky eaters out there. Below we will discuss some simple ways to get your furry friend munching away.


Sometimes your dog just wants something new and it is just as simple as changing the flavor. Dog’s can get bored eating the same dry food over and over again. Would you want to eat the same meal ALL the time? Are you always feeding them a chicken flavor? Try bison, duck, or salmon! I know my pup always inhales her food when she gets a new flavor. Most dog food brands have different options for flavors. 


Occasionally dogs just aren’t interested in eating out of their bowl because someone in the family is feeding them table scraps. They are much more interested in what you have than that boring dry food sitting in their bowl. If this is the case start being strict with the treats and human food they are consuming through out the day. They might not be eating their food because they know something better is looming around the corner.


Another way to make dry dog food more interesting is to make it seem like a treat. There are many dog puzzle toys out there that you can put their food in. They will have to work to get it out and it will seem like something special. Some of my favorites are Kong and Tug A Jug. This is also a great way to stimulate your dogs senses!

Some dogs just aren’t into dry food or it is hard for them to eat if they have some dental issues, but purchasing wet food can be expensive. Alternative options to buying wet food are using chicken broth or some warm water to soften the food. It will also make their food smell more savory. 

**Please note that if your dog has always been a good eater and has suddenly stopped or they are vomiting after each meal, you should contact your vet immediately.**