So you’re interested in dog adoption? That’s fantastic! It can be such a rewarding experience to welcome a new pup into your home, and can bring an incredible new dynamic to your family. We want to help you learn the basics about how to approach the adoption process — how to prepare, find, and get acquainted with your new furry friend.

If you have small kids in your home, look to adopt beyond the puppy age range. During a dog’s early development, they go through a teething stage in which a puppy may experience pain or discomfort from the pressure of new teeth growing in. They need to chew frequently and often have a tendency to start nipping, which may not be optimal to expose to young kids. 


girl and husky puppy dog adoption


Make sure that there is someone who is able to care for the dog, and determine a primary caretaker. It is also important to consider where your dog will be spending most of their time in the household, and to prepare for any dog-proofing if needed. 

Remember that bringing them into a whole new environment can be a little overwhelming for some pups, so be patient with your new furry friend to learn and adjust to their new surroundings. It sometimes takes a couple weeks for a dog to show their true personality to their owner after getting comfortable with their new routines. 

With careful preparation, you’ll be able to make sure your dog makes a smooth transition into their home. Spend lots of time with your new furry friend, and to show them a lot of love! 

Need help finding your new pup? Learn about some great local shelters below to help aid your search:


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