How Socializing Your Dog Can Lead to a Happier, Healthier Life

We all love to cuddle and play with our pups… but did you know that dogs benefit greatly from social interaction with one another as well? Much like humans, this source of interaction is crucial for behavioral development. Socializing your dog with other pups can lead to heightened responsiveness, and ultimately teaches them how to get along with the world.

If you just welcomed a new puppy into your family, plan to begin socializing them around seven weeks old – this will be the most impactful time for them to learn and play with others. While it is a crucial part of their puppyhood, it is important to maintain socialization all the way through adolescence and into adulthood as well.

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Why go through the effort of keeping them socialized? Unsocialized dogs have a tendency to develop fears of the world around them, and often have a more difficult time understanding their environment. These fears and stresses are bad for your dog’s health, and are easy to avoid if you expose them to regular play times with other furry friends. Ultimately, you want your dog to trust people, and that ability to trust emerges from these social experiences they share with other pups.

For some fun ideas to get your dog out to experience the world, try researching local dog parks where your pup can run unleashed. In the summer, there are also dog-friendly beaches you may want to take them too as well where they can splash around. On your walks, make sure to check out the social feature on the WonderWoof app for locating furry friends nearby you can meet up with! If you want a more formal and structured experience, enroll your dog in group training classes — there are classes of all levels and specializations available to help meet your dog’s needs. Socializing can also take place with a neighbors’ dog, or even on a walk around the neighborhood as well. 

Who knew that a little bit of play and tail-wagging could be so important to dogs? By taking the time to keep your dog regularly socialized, you’ll help them live a healthy and happy life!

Stay social, WonderPups!