Dogs & Bubbles: A Love Story

dogs and bubbles
The weather is great for more outdoor activities with your dog! One way to mystify your dog and fall into a fit of laughter is to play the bubble game. Dogs love bubbles and we love watching them love bubbles. Although, this baby may love it more than anyone else:
Bubbles make for lots of laughter and and playtime fun with your pup and is a mostly safe activity. If you have a talented dog who can pop the bubbles, be sure they do not ingest a lot of the soapy bubble solution, otherwise, it may result in an upset tummy! You may consider limiting this activity to once per week to be safe. And always double check that the bottle is clearly labeled as "non-toxic". You can also look for specific pet safe bubble formula like IncrediBUBBLES ($4.99). These special bubbles land on the ground in tact so your dog always wins!
Get out there and enjoy the bubble love, WonderPups!