Keeping your dog clean is a given, but what kind of shampoo is best for them? What kind of shampoo is the most ethically made or the least-damaging to softer fur? Which kind of shampoo should I buy if I want to prevent fleas or prevent shedding?  With all of these questions in mind, here’s a short list of the kinds of shampoo you can purchase, and which ones are exemplary in their function.

1. Organic Shampoo — Buying an organic shampoo is ideal as it ensures that your dog is being washed with ingredients that are not hazardous to their fur and are all around more natural and environmentally friendly. Pet Naturals makes a shampoo which is good for the coat and won’t put a dent in your checkbook.

2. Vegan Shampoo — On top of all of the benefits of buying organic, vegan shampoos ensure that the thing you’re using to clean your pooch is ethical and only sourced from vegetation and  certain minerals. Aubrey has a brand of shampoo that guarantees all the benefits of an organic shampoo and ensures that nothing with a face was harmed or wronged in the making of the product.

3. Flea Shampoo — Fleas are a constant source of irritation with our furry friends and having a good shampoo that treats and prevents this infestation is invaluable for dogs who are susceptible to these pests. Vet’s Best offers a handy formula for fighting against these infinitesimal invaders.

4. Anti-Shedding Shampoo —  For dogs who are notorious shedders, worry not! There are specially-designed shampoo formulas that curb shedding in dogs and help maintain their coats. Shed Patrol is one such formula which will keep your dog’s coat full and your couches furless.

5. Antibacterial and Antifungal Shampoo — For pups faced with a bacterial or fungal infection, this shampoo type helps alleviate itchiness and skin irritation. GNC has a product which promises fast-acting relief for any dog troubled with bacterial or fungal skin maladies.

6.  Soap-Free Shampoo — For a powerful clean that won’t damage your dog’s coat, look for a soap-free shampoo. Kenic Retro Pink Pup is a shampoo that’s eco-friendly, free of caustic chemicals, and won’t break the bank.

7. Waterless Shampoo –Sometimes you need something quick to make your dog smell nice for times when you’re running late for a party or need to take your dog to the vet right after they’ve rolled around in the backyard. This is also ideal for dogs who detest baths and are difficult to persuade into a tub. Miracle Coat offers a “spray-on bath” which can be easily applied with quick results.

8. Stylish Shampoo — For those times when you want to pamper your dog and make their mane bouncy and voluminous, consider purchasing a designer label dog shampoo and/or conditioner. For those fashion forward furry friends, try the Super Bright Shampoo by John Paui Pet (John Paul being one of the co-founders of Paul Mitchell)

9. Deodorant Shampoo — If your dog doesn’t stay smelling fresh too long after being washed, it may be a good idea to switch to a shampoo specifically designed for longer-lasting freshness.  Richard’s Organic is nice because they’ve designed their shampoo to keep your dog smelling clean, and — as their name suggests — they are entirely organic.