Dog Holiday Costumes!

Dressing up in ugly holiday sweaters and donning silly hats are some of the best parts of the holiday season. But your fun and holiday spirit doesn’t need to stop with you. And what could be better than your furry friend joining in on the festivities? Your pup can be just as fashionable and festive as you this holiday season.

A Reindeer
From Prancer to Vixen, a reindeer outfit is one of the most popular for dogs during the holiday season. Not only is this costume cute, but it can be done easily by yourself. For antlers, grab some brown pipe cleaners from your local craft store and wrap them around a headband. Want to emulate Rudolph? You can glue a red pom pom onto the center of the headband.

If you’re not into DIY, there are plenty of products on the market that’ll get your dog looking like a reindeer. We recommended these antlers made by Outward Hound. They are soft and will stay on your dog’s head comfortably. The important thing to remember is to avoid any products that have objects your dog could potentially chew off and swallow. Simple and safe is the way to go for your dog’s holiday costume.

A Present
Our dogs are the greatest gifts, so why not wrap them up like one? This costume is simple and festive. With a bright colored t-shirt and a ribbon or bow your pup will look like the gift that keeps on giving. Be mindful of the security of the bows/ribbons and make sure your dog doesn’t try to rip it off. If you want to upgrade the bow or ribbon we think a brightly colored bowtie would look great 😉

An Angel
Even if your dog doesn’t always act like one an angel is a great costume for the holiday season. If you would like to make this costume yourself, you can purchase white pipe cleaners or felt paper to make wings. Fasten those wings to a belt and then put the belt around your dog’s torso at a comfortable tightness and you have a homemade angel!

If you would prefer to purchase an angel costume, we suggest the Zack & Zoey Angel Wings Harness Dog Costume. This costume, using a harness similar to those used for walking dogs, adds a pair of angelic wings to your dog safely.

Santa Claus
If you are celebrating Christmas this holiday season, dressing your dog up as Santa “Paws” is a wonderful costume idea. To make this costume yourself, start out with a red t-shirt or sweatshirt and then add a comfortable belt around your dog’s waist. For Santa’s pointy hat you can use red felt with a white pom pom glued on top. Just make sure to use soft material that doesn’t irritate your dog.

If you are buying your Santa Claus outfit, the ACOCO Pet Christmas Costumes Dog Suit is a classic pick. This outfit clips on in the front to make it look like your dog is walking on two legs. It is made out of soft, thick material so your dog will be comfortable and extra festive this holiday season.

A Dreidel
This dreidel isn’t made out of clay! Your dog will have a great time with this Dreidel plush toy by Outward Hound Kyjen. It is very soft and includes both a rattle and a squeaker for added fun! If you are celebrating Chanukah this holiday season, this is a great and festive gift idea.

A Gingerbread Man/Woman
Now your pup can be dressed as a delectable and classic holiday treat: gingerbread! This costume is similar to the Santa Claus costume in that it clips on and makes it look like your dog is walking on two legs. This costume is sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees your dog. You can buy it here on Amazon by California Costumes.

No matter which holidays you are celebrating, you can celebrate them fashionably with your dog. A costume is a great way to let your dog join in on your festivities.

The WonderWoof team wishes you and your family a wonderful and safe holiday season & terrific new year!