Humans aren’t the only ones who need to break out boots for the Winter. Our four legged friends need their boots as well! From blocking out Winter hazards like salt and snow to looking downright fashionable, dog boots are a staple for any winter closet. You wouldn’t want to have to walk in the cold with your bare feet, and dogs can also have a hard time making treks in Winter conditions. Knowing this, we at WonderWoof have conducted our own research and listed what we think are the best Winter boots for dogs.



Original All-Weather Muttluks



Muttluk has been making dog apparel in Canada since 1994. In over 20 years of business they have established themselves as a top brand in the field. The Original All Weather Muttluk is an extremely durable and versatile dog boot. The Nylon material used is suitable for both extremely hot and cold conditions making this an all season boot and able to handle whatever mother nature throws at it. A practical choice, the Original All Weather Muttluk is a great product worthy of your dog’s paws.

Protex Pawz


The Protex Pawz boot is a smart and efficient way to protect your dog’s paws from the elements. Made up of natural rubber, the Protex Pawz boot can be used in both hot and cold conditions. The elastic at the top of the boot allows for the boot to be worn without any zippers or straps. The Protex Pawz can also be cleaned with a simple rinse and dry or they can be thrown out because they are both affordable and bio-degradable! Coming in a wide range of colors, so you can match with a raincoat, the Protex Pawz is a great solution for your dog’s paws.

Ultra Paws



Ultra Paws was started by the current owner Lisa Paxton’s mother in 1972. And this family run business has been creating unique, fashionable, high quality dog apparel ever since. The boot is made out of a tough nylon material and the sole of the Ultra Paws boot is covered in a grippy, flexible, durable surface. The surface on the sole allows your dog to go through tough hot and cold weather conditions and is great for helping senior dogs stay steady on wooden floors. A velcro strap and foam inserts allow for a snug, comfortable fit for your dog. Highly recommended protective gear for your pup’s paws.

Hiado cr1000-09



The Hiado cr1000-09 boot is engineered with the same attention to detail as a human pair of boots or running shoes. Sporting a breathable mesh and waterproof material as well as rubber soles this boot is ready for a long hike or a short walk. Good to go in hot and cold conditions, these are all season boots. Plus, they have a retro design that we love.

While there are a lot of boots for dogs on the market, we at WonderWoof give four paws up to the boots listed above. Boots can help protect your dog from all sorts of hazards and are a great choice when it comes to keeping your dog healthy. They are also great accessories since many come in a wide range of colors! We love it when fashion and practicality combine.