Dog Beds

Sometimes you have to let sleeping dogs lie, but don’t you think they should lie on a bed that’s especially designed with them in mind? Here’s a list of ten types of doggie beds and what they are designed to do


Donut Bed — The donut bed is all about comfort. The design provides a thick rim of cushiony softness which allows your dog to curl up and really get cozy. If your dog tends to sleep stretched out, this is probably not the best choice of bed. But if your dog enjoys curling up and being snug, this is a good bet to be sure.

Pillow Bed — This standard type of dog bed comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and most models have a washable pillow cover on it to aid in cleaning. Though not the most supportive of beds, this style is ideal for having on the couch (if your dog is allowed on the couch). If you own an elderly dog, you may want to invest in a more supportive bed, but the pillow bed is an inexpensive, easiest-to-replace design that can be utilized anywhere in your home or office.


Nest Bed — Like the donut bed, the nest bed has a raised wall around the periphery of the bed, but it also has a larger size than the donut bed does typically. This is also designed for dogs who curl up when they sleep, but because of it’s more rectangular design, it’s a bed within which you can stretch out a little bit. Still, this is definitely a bed for dogs that curl up when they sleep.

Orthopedic bed — For the older, ailing dog, the orthopedic bed is made from a firm memory foam that gives support to all areas of your dog’s body discouraging stress on any one particular joint or extremity. Though not very fashionable, these beds are extremely good at what they are designed to do and are not terribly hard to clean. It also fits nicely on the couch if your dog is allowed there. This is the best bed for an older or spindly-limbed dog

Wicker/ Furniture Bed — These elevated beds are meant to serve as design-conscious fixtures in your home. They differ very little in function from the other beds mentioned save that they are raised off the ground slightly and have a frame that will support your dog’s weight. This is a good option if you prefer to keep your dog off of a dirty floor and away from insects and the like. That said, these models are designed with the style in mind more than function.

Cubby/ Covered Bed — This is a good option for a dog who likes to be in an enclosure when they are resting but also wants the comfort of a donut bed. This cushiony house will allow your dog to feel safe and secure while also giving them a place that is all their own. Most of these models are made plush, but some are designed in much the same way as a kennel or dog house from wicker, wood, or metal. These harder models will function in much the same way as a kennel bed (listed below).

Kennel Bed — If your dog sleeps in a pet taxi or enclosure, then the kennel bed is a good investment. It fits on the bottom of your dog’s kennel snugly and is less bulky and unruly as a tangled up blanket. If your dog spends a considerable amount of time in a pet taxi or kennel, this is a must-have.

Heated Bed — During the winter, an electric blanket is always great to have and for dogs, it’s no different. The heated bed will give your dog a warm place to snuggle after a long blizzardy walk in the park. This bed is also useful for its mercurial functions as heat is good for achey  joints and muscular ailments.

Cooling Bed — As you might imagine, this is the opposite of a heated bed for those summer months when your dog needs to cool off fast. Most of the time, a dog will lie on the cool kitchen floor to cool off, but because of its design, the cooling bed does the job more effectively and with greater comfort. You won’t have to worry about your dog lounging in the middle of the floor amidst dirt and dust bunnies. And the gel like contents of the cooling bed ensures that your dog will lower its body temperature quickly.

Travel Bed — The travel bed folds up like a pup tent or sleeping bag and is insanely useful to keep in the back of your car whenever you’re traveling with your pooch. These models are generally easy to clean and are ideal for camping trips or weekend visits to dog-friendly destinations.