Best Chew Toys

Do you have a dog that loves to chew? Not all dogs are destructive chewers, but some are. Some of the sweetest pups can chew our shoes, pillows, or blankets. Usually if they are chewing your personal items they are bored, frustrated, or in need of exercise. Some dogs just LOVE to chew their toys. I know I don’t buy any expensive plush or stuffed toys for my dog because she will tare it apart in minutes. So since she is limited to bones and toys made for chewing we make the best of it and get a variety of options.


One of mine, and my dogs, favorite products is Nylabone! These bones last for a long time. I usually purchase the bigger size for my 65 pound pup and she will chew on them for at least 6 months. What I like about Nylabone besides that they are long lasting is that some of their bones can help clean your pup’s teeth! They also come in different flavors like peanut butter and friend chicken!



Another great option is the Kong goodie bone. It is entirely made of rubber and on each end there are holes to fill with treats! Not only will this keep your pup occupied it will last a while! We also love the classic Kong. It’s not exactly for chewing, but it’s hollow center can be filled with any number of delicious treats that will keep your pup focused on it and not your shoe!


Dogs also love antlers! They are sturdy and great for chewing. Most pet stores carry them, but some of the best antlers I have found, that my dog can’t get enough of, I found at farmers markets! A lot of farmers markets have pet treats and toys. Bonus: a lot of farmers markets are outdoors so bring your dog along for the adventure. Maybe they can even pick out their own antler!